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Christmas Chalk Boards

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These Christmas Chalkboards are a unique take on a classic Christmas activity; creating Christmas decorations. They make the perfect activity exercising their fine motor skills. The boards can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth for use time and again.

Buy just the one to stuff in their stocking or a collection so they can give them as gifts to loved ones.

Each chalkboard includes the chalkboard, five pieces of chalk and a piece of string to attach to the tree, mantle, or wherever you please. They are available as a white chalkboard or black chalkboard. A small hole is located at the top of each board to allow it to be hung.

The kits are handmade in Australia, using sustainably sourced materials. The kits are completely plastic free.

The sizes vary between different options, however the longest length (height or width) will measure between 15cm and 20cm.