About Us

Welcome to Three Daisies! I’m excited to have you here.

My name is Sarah and I’m the mother of three beautiful children.

I wish I could claim to be that super organised soccer mum, but in reality I spend most of the time flying by the seat of my pants, trying not to forget anything too important, ensure the kids are clean and fed and remembering to pack those drink bottles and hats (never do I remember my own!).

Special events are met with a similar style of (dis)organisation. A birthday party will be a few days off and I’ll turn my mind to what I need to grab to help make it a special occasion.

When it comes to party bags I’ve always loved finding something that little bit special and different. It can be tough when every item may need to be purchased 20 times over to cater for each guest. Add in my last minute shopping style and all too often I found myself staring at bags of plastic in large department stores, that will be lucky to make it home after the party, thinking there had to be a better way.

This is where Three Daisies was born.

Three Daisies is a place to find it all. From the bag to all the goodies inside. We have some of the most popular toys, at great prices, to help you afford to buy them for each of the guests. We have items to get them thinking, items to get them moving and items to inspire their creativity. We have environmentally friendly options to provide you with more sustainable alternatives. We also create personalised gifts, for that something extra special.

Sarah xxx